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Now you can enjoy these Advanced Courses from the comfort of your home. With new Cloud based technology you can now stream these Advanced Courses from your computer, any smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android etc. You now have access to these wonderful courses anytime and from virtually anywhere you have an internet connection.

New Live Abundance Course with a Larry Crane

Brand New never released before. The updated Abundance course taught live with Larry Crane.

This is a prerecord course recorded live over the phone.

The Basic Course to Qualify as a Graduate Level 1

The Abundance Course or the Lester’s Enlightenment online course are the first steps on learning the Basic course and it will qualify you as a Graduate of the Release Technique. These two courses are the prerequisite work before taking any of the advance courses below.

(If you have attended a Live class or Teleclass that would also qualify you as a graduate and you can move on to taking one of the advanced courses below too.)

Advanced Courses Level 2