Lester’s Enlightenment – Online Home Study Course

Lester Enlightenment Online Home Study Course

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Activate your beingness and ignite your unlimited potential

Lester Levenson, a recognized American Master, and Larry Crane, a Master teacher, will guide you step-by-step to becoming enlightened.

With Lester’s Enlightenment Online Home Study Course you’ll be experientially guided (by Lester and Larry Crane) through the effortless process of disengaging from the limited thinking that keeps you from knowing what it’s like to feel at Oneness with everything.

The Enlightenment Course will help you:

  • Knock out subconscious negativity that stops you from living a clear and fulfilling life
  • Be consistently positive, happy, and loving in all things
  • Achieve your goals easily and consistently
  • Letting go of deadly and self-destructive addictions
  • Enjoy being naturally relaxed in normally “high stress” situations: Greg Worsley reports:
    “My former ‘high tension killer days’ are now enjoyable.”
  • Easily “let go” of any “charged” feelings “on the spot” – including fears, phobias, anxiety,
    stress and panic attacks
  • Naturally enter into the “flow-state” and finally MASTER your life—all resistance and self-doubt will melt away… and all your goals will be “pulled” into your life.

Get in touch with your unlimited side more consistently.