The Ultimate Time Mastery (2nd Edition) – Online Home Study Course

The Ultimate Time Mastery (2nd Edition) - Online Home Study Course

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Prerequisite: Release Technique graduates only.

The Release Technique Relationship Course is an eight week live recorded course facilitated by Larry Crane and designed to help individuals improve and transform their personal and professional relationships. Based on the principles of the Release Technique, this course teaches participants how to identify and release negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and past traumas that may be hindering their ability to connect with others. Through practical exercises and guided instructions, students learn to cultivate a more positive mindset, enhance their communication skills, and foster deeper, more fulfilling relationships. The course aims to empower individuals to create harmonious and loving connections in all areas of their lives.

After completing the course, you will have the time to make choices to improve all your relationships in your Life. You can get a telephone partner to release with (upon request), along with workbook and assignments.