The Butt System 2.0 – Online Home Study Course

The Butt System 2.0 - Online Home Study Course

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PLEASE NOTE: The Digital Online Home Study Course is an online streaming product, and is now supported on smart phones & mobile devices.

Prerequisite: Release Technique graduates only.

This Course is a six-day advanced course that was facilitated by Donna Fedor, and the teachers. It was recorded live over a Telecourse that was designed to help you release mental blocks and negative feelings, so you can manifest your desires and goals more easily. The Butt System has produced more of the BIG monetary gains than any other Releasing course. Now, it can do the same for you — let us teach you how to use the Butt System so you too can have BIG monetary gains showing up in your life, irrespective of the economy or your job or income. After completing the course, you’ll learn how to bring a WHOLE NEW FOCUS to releasing for your goals and eliminating whatever has been blocking you from achieving them.

You can get a telephone partner to release with (upon request), along with workbook and assignments.