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Prerequisite: Release Technique graduates only.

This is the first Advanced Course to take after the Abundance Course if you are pursuing Freedom by Releasing!

Lester Levenson said Have the Best of Everything in Life. Identify and Release the underlying feelings keeping you from having everything on your wish-list. Resistance to having something is just a feeling you also learn to recognize and let go. Get all your goals with ease – by Releasing Only! Be a Winner!

This is your very next program after the Abundance Course if you are pursuing Freedom by Releasing!

Lester Levenson said desire is underneath each of our goals, and knew that to have no attachments or aversions meant letting go of that desire.

This six-week advanced course was designed to help you identify your goals and the underlying desires so you can fully Release them. It is facilitated by Larry Crane.

This 17-CD set was updated in 2009. 8 CDs are newly-created and fresh from the studio. 8 other CDs share a complete past tele-class on this topic so that you get insights and testimonials of success from real people like you who did the course. And lastly, you get one special CD containing two sessions by Lester Levenson on goals and resistance.

Larry personally guides you through the Goals & Resistance Course exercises and concepts in the same way he guided you through the Abundance Course sessions. You can get a telephone partner to release with (upon request), along with workbook and assignments.

“Resistance is just a program that subconsciously stops us from experiencing our beingness and our limitlessness. If one would let go of resistance, they would immediately see what they really are!! Whole, complete, unlimited.” ~Lester Levenson