Larry Crane in Retreat – Volume 1 (MP3 Set)

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This Brand New 21 Audio Series Consists of never heard audios recorded from Larry Crane’s Live Retreat.

The package consists of the best recordings of Larry in Retreat. This 21 Audios set has more than 7 hours of recordings compiled. Larry covers many different topics: About Money, Health, The fear of Dying, and much more. They also contain rare accounts of Larry describing his personal experience with Success of the Technique.

In addition, Larry Crane shares many his most personal experiences with the Technique and his personal one on one experiences working with Lester Levenson. These audios are a wealth of knowledge that you do not want to miss. Enjoy and sit back and hear directly from the man that worked with Lester Levenson’s for over 40 years. As an added bonus the Package consists of various Larry Crane Cleanups too.

Prerequisite: Release Technique graduates only.