Audio Bundle 2 (MP3 Set)

Audio Bundle 2 (MP3 Set)

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Prerequisite: Release Technique graduates only.

Includes 5 MP3s and 3 bonus MP3s of Larry Crane and Lester Levenson.

Each MP3 is available for individual purchase – but save money by getting the bundle of 8 MP3s!
01. Lester on Depression
02. Lester on Pain, What is it?
03. Lester on Sadness
04. Lester on Stress
05. Ridding Yourself of Pain Once and for All
06. Ridding Yourself of Depression and Sadness
07. Ridding Yourself of Stress
08. Accelerated Learning Teleconference

3 MP3s with guided releases by Larry Crane, Master Teacher of the Release Technique:

Ridding Yourself of Pain – shows you how pain is a feeling that responds to releasing and returns your body to comfort

Ridding yourself of stress – stress is a collection of feelings that are easily released in this exercise
Ridding Yourself of Depression and Sadness – you don’t need a pill; just follow this guided exercise

4 MP3s of talks by American Master Lester Levenson on the following topics:

On Pain, What Is It? – pain is a feeling which we can release like any other feeling
On Stress – how we get stressed out and what to do about it
On Depression – all about this collection of heavy feelings
On Sadness – a fresh look at this common feeling

Bonus MP3 – Accelerated Learning, by Larry Crane

Super-charge your releasing work with these tips from the Master Teacher of the Release Technique.