The Ultimate Goal Volume 2 (MP3)

The Ultimate Goal - Volume 2 (MP3)

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As you listen to these rare recordings over and over, you will find yourself gaining greater and greater insight into your natural state Lester called “Beingness.”

Audio 1 – Happiness is Love

On this audio Lester describes the experiences and realizations that led up to his ultimate understanding of the absolute Truth.

Audio 2 – The Source of All Intelligence

Lester talks about “Beingness is freeing yourself from thoughts of limitation”.

Audio 3 – The Answer is Here All the Time

On this audio Lester talks about “Eliminating desire itself”

Audio 4 – There Are No Problems

On this audio Lester talks about “Converting all desires to the desire to go free.” “There is no satisfying a desire . . . just release it.”

Audio 5 – The Steps to Being What you Are

Some of the topics on this audio include: “When you are being your Beingness, there is nothing else!” You cannot use words to describe Beingness.”

Audio 6 – Beingness

In this audio Lester talks about what it is like to experience your natural state of Beingness.