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Abundance Course (CD)

Learn the world-famous Release Technique on CD in the comfort of your own home!

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The Release Technique includes 24 sessions on 12 “How To Do It” CDs, complete with a power-packed 123-page workbook and 5 FREE Bonus CDs!

As an Added Bonus you get access to a Free weekly Live Tele-Conference. Plus you can also have private consultations for a year. This is a total value of over $3,000 at no extra cost!

Learn the world-famous Release Technique on CD in the comfort of your own home!

The Release Technique
by Larry Crane, author and multi-millionaire.

What’s Included:

24 Sessions on 12 Audio Recording CDs of the Release Technique – Larry Crane personally guides you through the entire process of using the Release Technique; housed in an attractive vinyl album.

123-page release workbook – This is a HANDS ON course that provides you with a powerful but easy to use workbook so you actually interact with course as if you were in a live class!

Ongoing And Unlimited FREE Telephone Coaching Support – Any time you have a question or problem using the Release Technique – All you have to do is call into Release Technique, toll free, and speak with one the Release Support Team members who are available to mentor you one-on-one in using the Release® Technique to achieve your goals. Take advice from someone who already knows how to make millions with Releasing. Who else invites you to call them up personally, any time you’ve got a problem?

Weekly, Live Teleconferences – You get free access to weekly, live teleconferences to help you increase your financial abundance through the Release Technique.

Plus, For A Limited Time Only, Bonus Release Technique CD Bundle* Yours To Keep Even If You Return The Course For Your Money Back Guarantee.
*Only While Strictly Limited Stock Lasts:

FREE Bonus #1: (Valued at $25.00)
You’ll receive the rare audio CD recording of “In My Own Words” in which you receive personal tips from Lester Levenson (the founder of the Release Technique), on how to achieve that natural state he called “Happiness With No Sorrow.”

FREE Bonus #2: (Valued at $25.00)
As a second bonus you will receive another rare Lester Levenson audio CD, titled: “Will Power” – (it’s not what you think) – in which Lester talks about the role that will power plays in helping to free oneself from self-imposed limitations.

FREE Bonus #3: (Valued at $25.00)
As a third bonus – you also get the audio CD which covers “How To Eliminate Resistance to Having Success” (called the “General Clean-up” CD) which will walk you through very powerful exercises to bring you up into a place of quiet, powerful, “beingness.” A place where you will experience a rich taste of the state of limitlessness that Lester enjoyed everyday.

FREE Bonus CD #4: (Valued at $25.00)
You also get my brand new CD, “How To Be In Release 24 Hours A Day” – which, as the titled states, will teach you how to be in releasing mode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what you’re doing. This CD will show you how to blow the suppression hinges off your resistance and allow many years of suppressed negativity to come up and out with ease.

And that’s not all…
FREE Bonus #5: (Valued At $25.00)
The fifth bonus is “How to Have Health and Happiness.”

Those five FREE bonuses alone have a value of $125.00 – but you can get them today for… FREE! This is a total value of over $3125.00 available now for only $279. And It All Comes With A Full 30-Day No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

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