The Relationships Course (CD Set)

The Relationships Course (CD Set)

This program shows you how to truly love.

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How many people do you have a relationship with? Are you 100% loving with each one? Lester Levenson said “Love is the Answer”. This program shows you how to truly love. This skill allows you to “let the other person have things your way”!

We’ll show you how to transform difficult relationships into loving ones – achieved by Releasing Only. And the other person doesn’t have to do, or know, a thing!

How many people does it take to have a relationship? Just one! And you are it!

This puts you in charge of the improvement of every single relationship you have – no one else is in the relationship, so you are fully responsible for how it unfolds. This program shows you how to transform those rocky or difficult relationships and turn all the negative feelings into loving, harmonious and mutually positive ones.

The Relationships Course is a six-week intensive home study course designed to help you get clarity about how you really feel about people in your life and people on the planet – including the relationship you have with yourself.

The course is on 8 CD’s, complete with workbook, two bonus CD’s and a telephone partner to release with (upon request).